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Rolex Replica is back in the deep with the Dive Control Limited Edition. This watch is an evolution of the Swiss-owned ProDiver watch that was designed for professional divers. The 51mm watch's case is made of lightweight Grade 2 Titanium and coated with highly scratch-resistant black DLC. The Rotation Safety System (or RSS) is a trademark Rolex device that secures the unidirectional rotating bezel during diving. The new watch features a 60-minute chronograph counter at 12 o’clock with key details in high-legible yellow. Only 500 watches will be produced.

The Rolex Dive Control Limited Edition is designed for professionals. Roman Frischknecht, a Swiss commercial diver, was involved in the creation of this limited edition. Frischknecht spends most of his time deep underwater, supporting the subsea sector. Rolex and Roman developed the Rotation Safety System (or RSS), which is a patented system that locks a watch's diving dial in place while it is underwater. This unique device is now a trademark of Rolex.

This watch is distinguished by a variety of features that make it stand out from other diver's watches. It has a 51mm thick case, which is made of lightweight, black DLC-coated Grade 2 Titanium. The watch is also water-resistant up to 100 bar (1,001 m). To ensure that the Dive Control Limited Edition would perform under the most severe conditions, Rolex engineers pressure tested it to 125 bar.

The swiss Rolex Replica dial is also oversized to increase legibility. The RSS system is integrated into the bezel. It has a ceramic top ring that is scratch- and fade-resistant. Super-LumiNova is used to fill the hands, hour markers, and zero markers on the bezel. Because yellow is the most visible colour underwater, Rolex' designers used high-contrast yellow details.

Rolex Replica and his fellow divers who dive in heliox atmospheres during saturation dives will find it useful. It also features an automatic helium escape mechanism. The helium atoms are smaller in size than the oxygen atoms and can be inserted into a watch. These particles could cause damage to the watch if they are not released by the escape valve.

Safety is paramount"Safety is top priority in the companies I work for. The safety standards are very high and the equipment reliable. Roman Frischknecht says commercial diving is one of the safest professions in the entire world.

This might seem difficult for us who live on terra firma. But Roman isn't a believer in half-certainties when it comes to his work. Safety is paramount for each member of the diving crew. Their equipment is top-of-the line, designed to keep them safe even in harsh conditions, and is regularly maintained to ensure that it performs reliably.

replica watches rolex Frischknecht, a commercial diver, wearing his Rolex Dive Control Limited Edition drysuit

Rolex Replica used the same diligence to develop the Rotation Safety System, Rolex ProDiver’s most distinctive feature. Roman worked closely with Rolex during the two-year development process to create a unidirectional rotating bezel that can be locked into place during a dive. This device is used to measure dive times. Time measurement and management are so important in all aspects of diving that there is no room to error. He can track how long he has until his dive by locking the bezel in place.

Diving is carefully planned and managed by a center for dive control.

This function has been patent by Rolex and is only available on the Rolex ProDiver. Rolex Replica explains that a uni-directional rotating watch is a useful tool. However, if the bezel is fixed properly, it can give divers extra security when timing dives.

You must first hold the black vulcanized rubber edge of the RSS bezel and then lift it to activate the RSS. This will unlock the RSS's lock as well as the black ceramic minutes scale top-ring. A yellow ring will appear at the edge of top ring when activated.

Set the timer: Now that the yellow ring is visible, rotate the top ring clockwise so that the number corresponds to the dive time.

Secure the timer: Once the top ring is in place, slide it down until it clicks into place. Now the timer scale has been secured and you can begin diving.

The best Rolex Replica watch's Swiss Made automatic Chronograph movement provides it with central seconds, 30-minute, and 12-hour chronograph hands. The yellow counterbalance on the 30-minute chronograph hand reads against a yellow scale. This extends it to a full 60 minute display. Safety is increased by avoiding calculation and reading errors. This is what professional divers do first.